AgroLED Sun 211 Veg LED 6500K + Blue + UV - 120 Volt

AgroLED Sun 211 Veg LED 6500K + Blue + UV – 120 Volt



These earth-friendly AgroLEDÆ SunÆ 211 and SunÆ 411 Veg LED fixtures offer 3 separate channels for your veg and propagation cycles. The SunÆ 211 delivers 11,400 lumens and 209.175 PPF from only 142 watts of consumed power, while the SunÆ 411ís 284 watts of power brings 22,500 lumens and 411.231 PPF. These are with all channels on including the 460nm (blue), UV and 6500∞ K full spectrum white light! Both fixtures are designed to be durable with a powder-coated steel housing and louvers for proper thermal management. Either fixture can be hung vertically or horizontally with the included V-hangers and includes an 8 ft power cord. Each channel, 6500∞ K, 460nm and UV, can be independently switched for easy operation. The 120 volt daisy chain feature makes for an ideal installation for multiple fixtures to be plugged together.

Additional information

Weight 13.27 oz
Dimensions 23.82 × 22.44 × 2.76 in


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